About Me

On rediscovering my childhood passion for singing, I realised thatsomething that had once come so easily and naturally seemed much more difficult in adulthood. I was interested to find out why so spent the next few years training and studying with various teachers.

It was not any easy journey to regain my former confidence in singing and in particular to push myself to perform in public - but I became more comfortable and an unexpected knock on effect was it helping me overcome my terror of public speaking as many of the principles are the same. 

I was so enthused by my progress that I decided I wanted to pass on what I had learnt to others, knowing that I would have a real understanding of the difficulties they may face if not confident with their voice. 

I have now been teaching and delivering workshops for almost 10 years, have an excellent understanding of the voice and how it works and continue with my personal and professional development to enhance both my vocal teaching and performing. 


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